City Girl, Country World

I feel like I have the best of both worlds. The little fashion girl in me can never get enough of the city! I interned, went to college and eventually worked a full-time job who had to transit 2 hours a day (there and back) because no one wants to be driving in the city and if you do can I ask…are you NUTS!? I did it all because I love being in the rush of the city, how the city never sleeps and all the cute coffee shops you can venture out too other than the good ‘ol over-populated Starbucks and Tim Horton’s that seems to be at every corner I turn too. I love how I’m only 45 minutes away from downtown Vancouver and whenever I need my “city fix” I’m not too far away.

On the other hand, I get the privilege to live in a small town that gives me the country feel I have wanted since I was a little girl. I didn’t always live this way. Before I lived in a beautiful suburban town where the mountains, lakes and ocean were all 5 minutes away from one another but I had an opportunity to live on 20 beautiful acres full of grass wheat and apple trees. Yes, the city girl everyone once knew now lives on a farm. After living here for 10 months, I couldn’t picture myself moving anywhere else. Waking up in the morning knowing you don’t have neighbours at arm’s-length. Being able to throw an epic party and not worry about noise complaints, having fires at the farm, being one with nature…the list could go on and on.

Not only do I live on a farm, I actually live in a farmhouse. With beautiful original hard wood floors, original kitchen cabinets and the best part, a gas stove! Who would have thought a 23-year-old would be so excited to have a gas stove..well I’ll tell ya, it’s me! Cooking with a gas stove is way more beneficial and less time-consuming, everything cooks 10 times faster than an electrical stove. Sorry for the rant of stoves… back to more exciting topics.

I feel like since I live on a farm now I have certain rights I am able have without judgement. Like being able to wear a mac jacket (within the 20 acres radius) I always thought mac jackets were for men who drink beer and who wears steel toe boots for a living but that’s actually not true. I found a very adorable red plaid (like the one every girl seems to have) jacket with fluffy fur inside. That keeps me nice and toasty for chilly nights by the fire. Why I got it you wonder? Well..because you aren’t going to be wearing your nice Aritzia coat or your boyfriends hoodie that A) Will get wrecked eventually and will forever smell like fire (which in some cases isn’t a bad thing) and B) Your boyfriends hoodie will not give you the insulation that you need for being outside on a winter’s night.

One thing I do feel obligated to always do is make fresh apple pies, freshly picked from the orchard, while wearing a checkered apron. I don’t know why but maybe that’s the Betty Crocker in me.



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