A.C.V Is Easy As 123

Apple Cider Vinegar, it’s a love/hate kinda relationship. Just a few months ago I jumped on the bandwagon of the 2017 trend, drinking apple cider vinegar every morning and night before my meals. I thought why not detox my body every day by take two tablespoons of ACV with 8 oz of cold or hot water! Sounds simple right? I couldn’t be more wrong. For people who know the taste of ACV knows exactly what I’m talking about. It burns your throat, I feel like a dragon shot fire in my mouth and made me swallow it (OK, maybe I’m being a little dramatic) but to me that’s how it feels.

Besides my throat feeling like it’s on fire every morning and every night it has great health benefits to help with your diet or your overall health.

Tip: mix it with water so it won’t burn your throat so much. I like to take it like a shot so It’s over with rather than trying to drink a full glass of water but that’s just me.

When I take it I feel no bloating and less cravings. It’s easier for me to stay on my diet and I feel more full longer so I’m not reaching for the snacks! It also helps fight colds, bonus! It’s loaded with immune boosting vitamins and antioxidants so anyone who has a weak immune system (ME!) would really benefit from it!

What it also does besides making you lose weight and get rid of all your toxins is it helps clear acne. With the pH in ACV it’s a great remedy for skin issues also with varicose veins, It helps improve the look of them by rubbing on ACV on the veins to improve circulation and reduce bulge. Plus it’s great to add to home-made salad dressings, a little bit of lemon, ACV and olive oil and you’re on your way to a delicious salad!

Make sure you only get the organic ACV as the non-organic nutritional value has been stripped and the nutrients have been altered to have a longer shelf life.


Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

You are able to find ACV at your local grocery store or on Amazon! I have also attached a few of my favourite websites for more information about ACV! I really highly recommend using it even if you aren’t wanting to lose weight, it overall has TONS of benefits, even if your throat does feel like it’s on fire!








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