The Clean Lean Spinach Machine

OK everyone, I’m so so SO excited to share with you my favourite smoothie that is actually healthy! I know a lot of smoothie companies portray their smoothies as a healthy option but realistically they are filled with tons of sugar! Of course that doesn’t mean to never order your favourite smoothie again but maybe this will make you a little more aware of what to eliminate/add to your next smoothie!

If you are anything like me I’m always on the go in the morning and I don’t have time to stand around and make a healthy luxurious breakfast like you see in the movies. Is it me or does anyone else get annoyed when the mom makes a huge spread of breakfast food and the kids run down the stairs to say there not hungry!?

Anyways, for healthy smoothies you want to limit yourself to 1 serving of fruit. Whether that’s half a banana, a cup of berries or mango (my fav!) don’t be piling on all these fruits as it contains a lot of sugar. Next, add some veggies! My fav go-to is spinach or kale (YUM!) I normally add 1 cup! and don’t worry for all you anti-veggie lovers, you cannot taste them, I promise you!

Moving on to your liquids, you have options people! You can do water, juice, almond milk (make sure it’s unsweetened) yogurt and protein powder. I’d stay away from the juice and yogurt as we are trying to have as little sugar as possible! My go-to is the unsweetened almond milk with crushed iced to make it extra cold! Sometimes I’ll add my protein powder after I finished a workout or if I need a little more protein intake that day!

And there you have it! Easy, healthy and delicious smoothie! Take it anywhere, anytime and fills you up until your next meal!


If you love hitting up your favourite smoothie joint, by all means please do! After all, life is too short to stop enjoying what you love. Here are some tips to substitute your favourite smoothie ingredients with some healthier options.

  1.  If your smoothie calls for juice, yogurt and fruit. Eliminate 2 of the 3 and ask for unsweetened almond milk or water! If you love your yogurt, ask if they have it in low/non fat!
  2.  If you love your smoothie the way it is but want to cut back on sugar, get a smaller size. It will cut your calories drink in half!
  3. Or ignore everything I’ve said in this post and do what ever you want! Because who am I to tell you what to do anyways!





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