The Perfect Farmhouse Window

Who would have thought creating the perfect farmhouse window would get me excited! I have always had a love for decor and design, as a little girl my parents would allow me to decorate my room how I want and I was always coming up with really unique ideas. Anything pink and sparkly… I just HAD to have. Thankfully I’m not 7 anymore and I have matured to a much tasteful look.

I get a lot of my inspiration from pinterest (if you have an account, add me!). This kitchen window was perfect for what I had in mind. Since the curtains are very sheer I wanted to pick my back kitchen window where no one can creep me. Side note: You don’t have to pick these specific curtain I just like the soft and subtle look, but having a pattern or a pop of colour works great too!

The perfect wreath…the sweat, the blood and the tears. I searched high and low to find the PERFECT size/colour wreath that was reasonably priced. I wasn’t by no means going to pay over $50 for a little wreath that is just catching dust. Homesense saved the day! It was in the back corner in the non-wreath section where it looked like someone dropped it there last minute. I believe I paid $20 so even more of win!

Since I actually live in a farmhouse it was easy to see how high or low I wanted it. Our windows open from the bottom sliding up, rather than from the side to the middle. So there is a thick frame as to where half of the window is. I bought the rode from Canadian Tire and you can adjust how long or short you want it (thank goodness it has this feature since I didn’t measure how long I needed it to be…oops!).

I didn’t do it on every window in the house as I think that would be a little much, but I like to call it the accent window. It’s where I can do the dishes and look outside and see the sunset behind the mountains.



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