My Perfect Morning

If I had it my way I’d sleep in until 11 am every Saturday and Sunday, but almost a year living with my boyfriend, I have adapted to his early morning wake up habits and because of that, I have become much more of a morning person (well…sometimes). I have turned it down a notch with the noisy yawns that makes me sound like a baby dinosaur and instead of the whiny, grumpy face that I give to my lovely mate, I started to smile more and have more of a wide awake appearance. All thanks to my Tarte  under eye patches, you’ve saved my life!

Ain’t he lucky!?

I truly appreciate the mornings! And I appreciate them even more with breakfast in bed while binge watching Friends. (OBSESSED with that show). I’ve probably watched the series more then 10 times in my life, but that’s besides the point.

Nothing’s better then having the sunrise by your bedroom window, as if it’s your own personal alarm clock to start off your morning. Getting that freshly brewed coffee going as it fills your whole house with that coffee smell. I’m not a huge coffee drinker but I do love the smell of it first thing in the morning!

No over sized boyfriend shirt and a cute messy up-do for me, I prefer putting on my over sized robe and fluffy socks while cooking up a feast of a breakfast. Bacon (turkey kind, since I am in love with pigs) and eggs. Maybe a little fruit parfait if I’m feeling fancy.

If it’s a beautiful sunny morning we will sit out on our deck, listening to the birds chirping and feeling that warm breeze while we sip on our coffee and eat all the goods.

If I want to make it more of a perfect morning I would clean!! I know I’m a freak (you aren’t the first one to think that) but I’m just being real. I have the most energy in the morning and nothing is more satisfy then a clean bathroom, laundry done and freshly mopped floors. Did I mention I have 2 cats who are mainly black and my house is all grey and white? Ya, doesn’t really go together, so a clean freak like myself likes to stay on top of the hair control!

And that my friends, is my perfect morning.












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