10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

I wanted open up to you guys and gals about some things you might not know about me. Maybe a better understanding of who I am and you may or may not relate to me better. Whatever it is I hope you enjoy! And for the people who don’t know how they ended up on my page, hi, how are ya? and welcome 🙂

1. I’m 5’7″! I believe if it wasn’t for my grandpa who was 6’4″ I would be probably be 5’1 since everyone in my family are little shrimps. Luckily my brother and I got his genes. I was always the tall girl in school. In school photos I would be standing with the boys in the back while all the cute little girls were in the front on the bench. I don’t think 5’7 is really tall, I think its more average but when I was growing up I developed early on, so I was always the tall one.

2. I’m super hyper sensitive. Some people call it a wimp but I just say that’s how I’ve always been. I will cry in TV shows, commercials, church, reading cards in the Hallmark store (don’t lie, we’ve all done it). Doesn’t matter what day of the month it is (hello mother nature) it’s just how I’ve always been since day one. I always use the phrase “If you look at me wrong, I’ll just start crying.” So ya…I’m excited for my wedding day.

3. I have really bad anxiety. For me, it’s an on and off struggle. Some weeks I’m completely fine and go on with my every day life and other days I can’t leave the house without having a panic attack. What helps me is talking about whats on my mind, that way it’s easier for me to process my thoughts. Also working out is a huge mental help for me. It stops me from over thinking everything and makes me very calm and happy 🙂

4. I am an animal LOVER! I have said before and I’ll say it again, I like animals more than people (sorry, not sorry). If I could blog to animals and they could actually understand it, I would. 100% I would. I will also greet your animal before I greet you.

5. Staying with the animal theme, Pigs are my all-time fav animal. I love them so much that I don’t eat pork or ham or…you get the idea, I just don’t eat any sort of pig. I haven’t since I was 10. My parent’s thought It was a phase…HA, boy, were they wrong. 13 years later and I’m still going strong!

6. I’m a very family orientated person. Family is and always will be first. My mom is my best friend and has been since I was just a little girl. I love being around them and especially since I’ve moved out It’s even more special to visit them.

7. Only music I really truly love is country. Sorry to all you metal-crushing viewers out there. Country just has my heart. I even noticed the older I’m getting I just won’t listen to all the new pop songs. I sound like an old lady but it’s just noise to me.

8. Some people say I have an old soul. Many teachers growing up have told my parents and I, I’m older than my age.When I was a kid, I way rather sit around with a bunch of adults talking then being forced to play with other kids. Not that I wasn’t unsocial, or I was shy, I just way rather hangout with adults. While other kids where dreaming about toys and games I rather be dreaming about my passion in life and focus on how to make that happen. Weird, I know.

9. I wanted to be a big movie star…but what kid didn’t? I ended in the film industry for a little bit of my childhood, I was an extra in the movie Marmaduke, it’s a really cute family movie. If you haven’t seen it, I’d advise you to watch it and see if you can spot me out!

10. My biggest fear is mascots and birds. I can’t stand someone dressed up as a totally different cartoon or animal, it freaks me out! I always have a fear not knowing who’s under the costume, hence why I’ve never been to Disneyland and really dislike carnivals. Birds…just that word really puts a bad taste in my mouth. I found out why I’m afraid of them, it’s because they are unpredictable. I don’t like how they can fly one minute then land on you the other. The big flappy wings and claws…EW, NO THANKS!!

So, if you have made it this far in my post, I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little bit better. I’d love to hear a few things about you that someone may not know, so comment below!




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