Epicurean, AKA the best damn gluten-free bakery

YESSS…All of my searching for the most yummy,  most moist, flavourful desserts has finally become a success!

This place is the BOMB (is that still a thing?) It’s in a quaint little neighbourhood where people actually go out and enjoy their day with a freshly baked gluten-free muffin and a hot cup of joe. It’s trendy af so all you Instagram lovers, you’ll get all hot and heavy for a place like this. (too much?)

What I love about the bakery besides the obvious everything is gluten-free/celiac certified is the food is actually amazing. And I quote “taste just like the damn Timmy donuts.” YUP, that comment was from a non-celiac person, aka someone who is really close to me, aka my boyfriend. Was he saying that to make me feel better and try to not make it a waste of time driving 40 minutes out of our way? Maybe.

I’m just goofin, new boot goofin. He loved it!! (sorry, been watching way to much of Reno 911 lately.)

I really love how this bakery is made fresh daily, everything is real and authentic. Anywhere from the sweet to the savoury snacks like the pizza and sandwiches, it’s all made fresh daily. and O M G the bread, K guys, this bread is something I’ve never tasted before. It’s non-dry, moist bread that actually taste like normal bread but without all the bad stuff in it. The price you ask? Oh…well, all I can say is, it’s worth it. And when you head over to the bakery and buy that scrumptious baked bread you keep telling yourself that.

Something that makes this bakery so different is how much they actually care for the customers. They offer baking classes for those who want to learn how to do it at home. Anywhere from the sandwich bread to the cake/donuts/cupcakes you can learn all from her little classes she does and you can see all of her information is on her website.

What would be a dream of mine is if I was one of those taste testers at the bakery and It was kinda like a bake war but all made gluten-free and I got to taste each baked good with multiple rounds of baking until one person is the winner. Basically the dream is me eating all there goods for free…that’s it.

But when you try it, that will be your dream too.

YUM (got myself craving their strawberry donuts)

All and all I give this bakery 5 out of 5 stars. If I could change one thing it may be bringing it closer to where I live…maybe in my backyard? That’s not crazy right?

…I can keep on dreaming

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If you guys know any good gluten-free bakery’s that you love, let me know. Or even if it’s not gluten-free, I’d love to read what your favourite go-to bakery’s are!












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