Moving In With Your Boyfriend? What To Expect!

On March 17th, 2017 Shayne and I officially moved in together. Yes that’s correct, we moved into the little house on the farm and we both never looked back. Happy one year move-in anniversary to us!

Reflecting back a little over a year ago I can honestly say how much I’ve matured and realized where I want my life to go. Have I become a bit more of a clean freak then I was at my parents? Maybe…but I do know that a clean house makes for a one happy Jordana.

We started our own traditions together and starting a little family, with two black fury babies and possibly a big fur baby in the near future. Knowing I get to go home to him everyday still brings butterflies to my stomach.

Moving out for me, living in a different town was challenging at first. I couldn’t see my family all the time, and you guys all know how much of a family person I am. I couldn’t go drive five minutes down the road and hangout with my girlfriends whenever I felt like it. I had to change to a new gym, new grocery stores, new everything. On the plus side I made new friends (while still having my good group of girlfriends back home), I see my parents once every two weeks, I found a great new gym and I love how some grocery places are family owned and picked from there very backyard.

For some, they might not be able to pick up and move to a different town knowing what they were leaving behind. How I looked at it was what I was gaining in my new home. I’m blessed to have such a close bond with Shayne’s family and knowing they care for me as much as their own is something so special. Being able to live where I’m at whether that’s temporary or forever I’m just lucky to have this experience and life. Yes, I do sometimes miss my hometown and everyone in it but it’s never too far away.

OK, now let’s get down to business.

It’s all super light and fun at the beginning, it’s like playing house but now in a life-size form but you realize Barbie and Ken got some growing up to do. Barbie can’t go off and buy tons of new clothes if she is paying for this months bills (I learnt the hard way) It’s all about balance, and making a game plan. Who pays what and when, does one person pay the rent or mortgage one month and the other does groceries and misc? Or do you guys just split everything right down the middle? Things you and your partner should really talk about before all the bills come knocking on your door.

When you guys started dating, 95% of the time you were always in a good mood since you haven’t seen your man in a while and your excited to see him. Whatever was wrong with your day it seemed to magically disappear once you guys were together. Well, now you guys will be seeing a whole lot more of eachother and there’s going to be days where your just grumpy. Plain and simple and that’s OK, Just don’t take it personally! You’ll be seeing a whole lot of each others sides once you’ve live together.

I don’t know about you guys but I love my alone time. I love to just take a bubble bath, lay in bed, watch my favourite chick flicks, organize my clothes, whatever it is I sometimes like to do alone. I think it’s important to have time alone regardless of any situation, have that independence you use to have when you weren’t living together. Just recollect your thoughts and focus on you for a little is totally fine.

When you first move in I think it’s only natural to do cute/corny things for one another. Write notes to one another, do breakfast in bed, when she has a hard day surprise her with flowers, or my fav, a “just because” gift. Doesn’t have to be big or expensive just meaningful. Tip: CONTINUE TO DO THAT FOREVER! Just because you have lived together for a while now doesn’t mean everything is thrown out the window!

Lastly, I like to talk about teamwork. There is no I in laundry. So don’t expect your boyfriend or girlfriend to do everything for you. Split the chores up in half, pick days to do it and make sure it’s always done out of respect for the other person. Some of our chores are, Shayne always takes out the garbage and does the dishes (because clearly I don’t wash them properly…opps!) and he feeds our fur babies at night while I take the morning shift. I normally do the laundry (sometimes Shayne does) but I do the vacuuming and moping and bathroom cleaning. Sure, there are days where stuff doesn’t get done but its called life and that’s OK. As long as you guys can communicate and help one another out you guys are golden.

All in all I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life and even if you guys take these tips and run with it or it’s nothing like what you experience than that’s fine. Everyone’s living experience/situation is different and all I can say is it works for us and I hope it helps and works for you too! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Moving In With Your Boyfriend? What To Expect!

  1. Great to see you’re so happy! I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost four years now and I’m looking forward to us getting our own place soon since we’ve been living separately the whole time.


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