Jump Into Spring With This Must Have Tee

I don’t know about you guys but something about a classic slogan tee puts me in a very uplifting mood. They were a cute thing last year and maybe the year before that but I feel like 2018 just gets it. Someone finally thought hey, lets jazz it up a slice and add pizza (HA…get it?) and all good will come! Something so simple, wishin’ I was the one who thought of it first.

Just a tad jealous. But as long as I get to enjoy these scrumptious little tees, who cares!

Instead of just a plain ‘ol tee with nothing on it, no sense in being a plain Jane. Wear something that makes people read. A) it’s like reading a short story while walking past them B) Makes guys look less at the cleavage and a little more on the words. (We can hope)

I know what you’re thinking. I’m a mind reader. You want to know where you can get these hot little numbers, and I’ll tell ya, plus I’ll throw in a little something, something for you lovely readers as well.

Poppy Apparel is the name, it’s an adorable (very reasonable) online store that carries just the cutest clothes. Anything from the slogan tee’s to a floral maxi dresses to yoga wear for those early Saturday morning classes.

Did I mention very reasonable?

Hold on to your panties because it’s about to get even better. I have teamed up with Poppy Apparel and you can get 10% off your purchase and FREE shipping if you use the code Jordana10 at checkout!

This is for all of you trendy lovers out there!!

Can’t use your credit card because you maxed out from all the online shopping and trips you’ve booked? You sound just like me, so congrats! You’re basically a shopaholic and need to get some sort of  help. Luckily I know how to do that.

Here are 3 things you can do so you are able to use my code and do some more of that online shopping.

  1. Steal your boyfriends credit card, don’t know his pin? That’s what black mailing is for.
  2. Tell your parents you need their card for an emergency, if they don’t give it to you tell them there will be no grandbabies. ever. Watch them unfold.
  3. Rob a bank and use that money to pay off your credit card. Brilliant.

See, not only am I here to give you great deals so you can look and feel amazing but I’m also a part-time therapist who can solve your problems. It may not be legal but it’s still an option.

Basically out of this post you should have gotten two things. 1. Shop at Poppy Apparel now and use code Jordana10 at check out to get 10% off plus free shipping and 2. Black mailing can sometimes be OK.

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When your shipment comes in, I would love to see all the fab things you’ve purchased so please comment below and show me 🙂

PS. sorry about the quality of the photos…it’s currently rainy and dark here in Vancouver so having natural light and being outside ain’t an option!

Shop My Look:

Poppy Apparel | Pizza Is Always The Answer Tee | here

Aritzia | Levi’s Straight Wedgie Rough | here












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