Gluten-Free Kitchen

Hi Babes! So last week I had probably one of the worst Celiac attacks since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about six years ago. ‘Til this day I still don’t know what caused me to get so violently ill. Having Celiac is always a consistent gamble if something is truly gluten-free or not. Cross contamination plays a huge roll in it too and I’m afraid that may be the reason I felt so sick.

So with that being said I decided to change my kitchen 100% gluten-free with no chances of cross contamination occurring. I know what you’re thinking…”well why didn’t she do that the first time?” and that’s a good question. I didn’t think having a wooden spoon would leave traces of gluten in the small cracks, I simply thought using a different utensil for cooking gluten-free and non-gluten free, as well as washing thoroughly was enough. Clearly I was wrong.

OK, now lets talk a little less worrying and a lot more happy tummies!

Toaster– Having a new toaster is key, no matter how many times you clean it, there will be bread pieces in places you can’t see. You can either get a completely different toaster so having 2, which can be annoying or buy the 4 slice toaster. Just make sure you label the side that you will be using gluten-free!

Non-stick pans– Who knew having scratches on the pans could harbor gluten?? So you have a few choices here. You can either get all new ones and keep watching for scratches each time you cook (But who has the time for that?) or get new pans specifically for gluten-free food. Last choice is getting stainless steel or aluminium pans with non-stick coating. You can actually share between gluten and gluten-free foods as long as you give it a good scrubbing of course!

2. Wooden Utensils/Cutting Boards– Anything wooden (rolling pins too) is just a no-no. Stay clear from them as the gluten really stays between all the little crackers. I love the wooden look in the kitchen but it’s just too risky. Unless you buy a completely different wooden set and mark it with nail polish or tape to know it’s for gluten-free only.

Colander– This one was actually pretty shocking to me as I never thought a colander would have traces of gluten still on there. I guess because of the holes, it’s really impossible to clean each one unless you some how burn the gluten away in a 500 degree oven but then the plastic would melt and make more of a mess to begin with so it’s just easier to get a separate colander. The link I attached is Kate Spade New York, which I am currently obsessing over!! Too stinkin’ cute!

Plastic Bowls And Plastic Containers– Again with the scratches, make sure you get yourself some new containers, colour coordinate them or label them. Something to show that those are specifically for gluten-free items only. If you don’t want to use plastic I’d purchase glass containers as you wouldn’t have to worry about the cross contamination.

All New Jars Of Condiments– Jams, jellies, mayo, mustard, butter, margarine, peanut butter…oh my! You dip your knife in it that instantly comes to cross contamination. Best solution, buy all new condiments unless you can purchase in a tube form like ketchup. Or, if you don’t want to buy 2 of everything, buy all new condiments and put half of the item in a separate container and label it whether you decide that’s the gluten-free condiment or not. Serving dips and condiments? label gluten-free and non gluten-free dipping only!

Grilling time– It’s almost that time of year where everyone gathers together for some yummy burgers with a side of a nice cold beer. For Celiac’s it’s that time of year to watch the person who is grilling and making sure no cross contamination is happening in that process. Sounds fun doesn’t it? One easy way to have no cross contamination happen is buying your own separate pan with grill lines. Talk about fancy!! Or using tinfoil or foil packets so nothing is touching the actual grill. Cleaning the grill is always a must and using separate cleaning brushes and utensils while cooking are too. I say when in doubt use foil as a blocking agent. Works great and you’ll know nothing will be touched.

I hope you guys liked my tips for making your kitchen gluten-free friendly and it was some-what useful for either yourself, a family member or friends who is gluten-free/celiac. If any of you have tips or tricks in and around the kitchen I’d love to hear your suggestions!! 🙂

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