Post Card From LA


It’s been a minute since I’ve done a blog post. My excuse? Trying to get ready for our California trip. Now, mind you we were only gone for four warm-fully-packed-days but it was still stressing me out.

My goal while traveling is to pack light (but really, who’s isn’t!?), after picking out my outfits and stuffing all my clothes in my carry on, then emptying it out again because I changed my mind on the one pair of jean shorts, I decided to write all my outfits down so that way I know I won’t be doing any over packing. Well…I’m sure all you girls know exactly what I’m talking about. After all of the over thinking and making my closet look like a tornado hit, I still over packed!! With that being said… If any of you gals know a thing or two about packing, help a sista out. Better yet, write a book about it!

After I got my packing situation handled and sneaked in a few more clothes in my boyfriends bag, we were ready to hit the ground running.

…so we thought…

we were getting through airport security when I realized my phone was ringing off the hook to a number I didn’t recognize so of course I didn’t answer. Who ever answers to a non-caller ID is a dare-devil in my eyes. After a few more calls went to voicemail, I started getting e-mails from Expedia. The e-mail basically said they have over booked our hotel we were staying at that night and need to book another one.

Well..isn’t this just gosh-darn-pure-joy every traveler wants to deal with hours before we check in to that hotel. Expedia…why didn’t you tell us a couple days before? Maybe a week before? Better yet, why didn’t you refund our money and put us in a better hotel? Instead they put me on hold for two hours trying to find us another hotel. (If my complaining is bothering you please skip onto the Disneyland part. If you want to read on what happen then please, be my guest)

Expedia customer service was the worst I’ve ever dealt with but I will say If I had more time to fight for a better hotel then I would have. After a few tries with them trying to get a decent hotel we ended up across the street from our original one. Not so bad right?You’re thinking at least we’re in the same location, however It was nice on the outside but quite shitty on the inside.

The Portofino Hotel was…lets say, interesting? The kind of hotel you don’t want to have bare feet on the carpet and would rather sleep standing up then laying down. We ended up getting a 2 queen bed where one looked like a cleaner took a nap just before we got into the room and the side tables haven’t been dusted in over a year. The bathroom door didn’t shut properly because the door latches were falling off the wall and we had a nice view of the dumpster, but that wasn’t worst part. We got a nice wake up call each morning at 6 a.m to the garbage men banging and dumping the dumpster up against god-knows-what for a sold 15-20 minutes…so that was nice.

My advice? Don’t go through Expedia ever… and don’t stay at Portofino in Anaheim California…ever.

With all of that happening at our hotel we decided to not let it get to us and ruin our trip, and I’m so glad we didn’t because it was one of the best trips I’ve ever had. Shayne really made the trip special!

What a ‘gem!

The first day we hit up Disneyland and California Adventure, in one day. Let’s just say our legs were numb by the end of it all and I couldn’t wear my sneakers for the rest of the trip. I wasn’t fortunate to go to Disneyland as a kid nor experience the jaw dropping, sugar rush, Christmas morning feel as most kids do. But I wanted to experience the whole commotion before I bring my own kids to Disney one day.

I must say, I felt like a kid again and for all of you who don’t get excited are true liars and must not be trusted. I don’t care how old you are, it really is the happiest place on earth. The fact that Shayne and I did Disney and California in one day must be some sort of record. Would we do that again? Nope. But it was the perfect amount of time for us.

I was a bit nervous to see all the characters in person, as you guys should know by now I have a huge fear of a mascot costumes but they weren’t walking around as much as I thought. When I did see goofy I got more excited than nervous. Have I possibly got over my fear? Nope. Don’t think so.

After that lonnnggggg day we heading over to PF Changs. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s only the best Chinese restaurant in the world. With how many they have all over the America, it only makes sense to bring it to Canada! They also have a great gluten-free selection as well!!

I want to give a shout out to the person who invented Uber, you are the real MVP on our trip (sorry Shayne). How convenient, fast and cheap it all was, was just shocking to me! The process of paying and leaving a tip was super easy too! Canada, get with it. We need Uber and Pf Changs pronto!!

OK, moving on to the next day, we headed to LA…where dreams become reality, sorry I felt like I had to put a cheesy quote in. It only felt appropriate for where we were heading. We stayed at Loews Hotel in west Hollywood and damn…was it pretty. I highly, highly recommend staying there. Not only did it have great customer service but the location was superb! We were a block away from Hollywood walk of fame, shopping centers, restaurants and a 7 minute drive to Universal Studios.

Every tourist has to hit up the celebrity wax museum and you have to pose beside them as if you’re on the red carpet with your Husband, AKA Mr. Bradly Copper.

The Starline tour was overall a great way to see the city in a matter of two hours with no walking, so it was perfect for Shayne and I as we were still aching from the day before. The tour guide took us to the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, saw some stars home which I don’t know if I believe or not. I feel like they just pick certain homes they want to talk about and make up who lives in it, that’s just my opinion though. Then you head over to Rodeo Dr. and Sunset Blvd, all places I ooh and aww over.

Only thing I regret not going to is In-N-Out Burger, that regret still hurts the stomach.

The last day we were there we decided to hit up Universal Studios because we missed how our feet and legs ached and wanted to experience that pain again…syke.

No, in all seriousness I wanted to experience as much as I could within the few days we were there so we decided to get up early, order room service and have breakfast in bed…boy, did that leave a dent in our bank accounts. Here I was trying to be like Julia Roberts in Pretty Women and have this lavishing breakfast spread upon the bed but instead it was more like shit, this will probably be our last meal for a while, kinda feeling.

Oh well…you live and you learn.

Even though this trip was a quick one, I must say it felt long, in a good way. I saw a lot, laughed a lot and just experienced life with my favourite human. Sure, the beginning of the trip was a bit rough but it ended up being one of the best trips and to be honest…I already miss it.


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