Mum’s Day Gift Guide

For me, the perfect Mother’s day would be sleeping in while my husband and kids make me blueberry pancakes, they would come into my room while I pretend to sleep, waking up to a surprised breakfast as we all watch morning cartoons nestled in bed. Then they’d surprise me with a spa day whilst they clean the house, do laundry and prepare an early dinner.

WOW…what a dream eh?

Too bad that’s not real and I’ll probably be waking up with Kona’s (my kitten) butt on my face meowing to wake up and feed her. I guess that’s her way for saying thanks mom for everything you do.

I tell ya, life with fur babies. It ain’t always sunshine and rainbows.

However, on this mom’s day I plan on spending it with my lovely, adorable, sweet (I can go on and on) mom who I just love. As well as my caring, big-hearted, beautiful grandma who is 84 and looking mighty fine. I can only hope I look half as good as her at that age.

Each year my brother and I try to make it a full day of surprises. Whether that’s out for brunch or making a homemade meal. Depending on the weather, we love to go for long walks or simply buy her a spa gift card. Sometimes I’d join, because you can’t let your mom go alone to the spa, that’s just mean and selfish. You have to go and keep her company.

You know…for the sake of your mom. You’re just being a good daughter.

I feel like each year it’s such a struggle to find the perfect gift for your mom. Showing how much you care and love her in a gift is challenging and repeating the same gift for her is no fun, you want her to be surprised.

“I don’t want anything for Mothers Day this year, I just want to spend it with my kids” is a sentence we all hear from our darling moms. First thing I want to say is A) that’s a lie. They definitely want a gift because who doesn’t? and B) If you don’t know what to get her don’t worry about it, I’m here to help you find the perfect gift that she will love and you might even get some brownie points for when Christmas rolls around.

So I’m just going to say it now, you’re welcome.

Here are 10 things you can never go wrong for buying your mom this Mother’s Day.

  1. Pandora Jewelry. It’s has a variety of dainty (like the gorgeous heart ring I attached) to statement pieces for all kinds of wear. Plus the prices are good too!
  2. Spa Gift Card. Pretty much speaks for its self.
  3. Gift card to her favourite clothing store. My mom loves a gift card because that way she can pick out what she really needs. Plus we make a day out of it!
  4. Candles…Nothing says I love you with a bunch of good smelling scents, especially the Diptyque’s Myrrhe candle which has a woody scent.
  5. Roomba. It’s an automatic vacuum that is pure genius. Your mom doesn’t have to clean as much and can have more time relaxing all year round.
  6. Pictures. Knowing from experience, having pictures in a cute floral frame of my brother and I or the whole family really puts a smile on my mom’s face. She can put it at her desk at work or in the house.
  7. DIY anything! Don’t have the money to spend on gifts? Make her a homemade card and breakfast in bed. Very thoughtful and personal!
  8. Noise cancelling headphones. No better gift then to cancel out you rotten kids yelling and screaming in the other room. I’m pretty sure you’d be their favourite.
  9. Do her daily tasks. Back to the no money thing. Before I had a job I would do everything my mom did in a day so that way all her chores were done. I made the coffee, did the dishes and laundry. Took the dog for a walk so that way your mom can kick back and relax!
  10. Homemade gift baskets. If you can’t decide on what to get her and liked a few things I put on the list, make a bundle of her favourite things. Decorate it pretty and if you want to do some of the daily tasks and present it to her in some way make DIY coupons. You can get the best craft stuff at the dollar store for super cheap.


On a side note, how beautiful is this lavender plant! Over the weekend I got a bunch of flowers and I can’t be more obsessed. The lavender is on our deck and it’s starting to smell so good!

Anyways, I hope this may come in handy in finding your mom the perfect gift and to all the mom’s, mom’s to-be, mom’s to fur babies and people pretending to be a mom. I hope your day is filled with love, relaxation and laughter.

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      Pandora Pandora Captured Heart 14k Cz Ring



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