Checkered Farm Dress

My gosh, has anyone else had the craziest week last week? I feel like I haven’t had a second to sit down. The month of May is always crazy for Shayne and I. For the past couple of years it’s been packed full of events and to-do’s.

On the farm it’s a transitioning month. Getting all the patio furniture out of the barn and all cleaned up ready to go for those summer nights. As well as planting flowers, cleaning up the outside and Shayne getting his boat dewinterized . Hopefully this summer we’ll start painting the outside of the house. Maroon with black trim is what we’re thinking! Classic Farmhouse style!

So in the mix of it all I had a chance to do some online shopping, but really, who doesn’t? Forever 21 was having a massive sale and I couldn’t resist. I even told myself after coming back from Cali to start saving for our next trip. Ya right Jord, who you trying to kid!?

I got the most freakin’ adorable checkered farm dress that melted my heart when I put it on. The fact it looks so sweet with the ruffly straps with some lace makes it that much cuter. Only thing I wish it had been a little more stretch in the waist, It’s hard to breathe once you inhale that burrito at lunch and the food baby appears. You feel me?

On my Instagram the other day I was showing you guys the three outfits I bought for $50. Originally it was over $100 and even then I thought that was a killer deal. Forever 21 is always a gamble when purchasing online. You just never know what you’re going to get! It’s not the best quality of clothing so it doesn’t last more than 2 seasons but it does the trick in the mean time.

The thing with this dress it doesn’t cover the “girls” properly and when I mean “girls” I mean hooters and 99% of you probably understood that however, I just wanted to say hooters. Call me crazy! I copied the girl from forever 21 and wore a white bandeau, luckily I had one from many years ago (I’ve linked a similar one down below for you guys).

I also paired it with a pointed flat that I got from Aldo a few seasons ago, I couldn’t find the exact one online but If I was going to pair it with another shoe it would be the Neiman Marcus.

I got A LOT of mix reviews on this dress, from my family that is. Everyone voted 100% it was adorable on Instagram but maybe people were too afraid to speak the truth. My mom said It looked like I was going on a never ending picnic LOL. Thanks mom!

But really, I’m probably the last person who cares what people think of me, let alone, what people think of my clothes. If I like it, I shall wear it 🙂 Life’s WAY to short for that kinda thing. But I really do enjoy reading your guys feed back and what you like to see more of.

I think this dress is one of my favs at the moment and if you see me this Summer don’t be surprised if I’m wearing this over and over again.

As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by here!

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