A Polka Dot Dream

On Sunday it was Mothers Day and may I add it was one of the most beautiful days we’ve had in a while. My brother and I took my grandma and mom for a surprise Mother’s Day brunch. As it was quit warm out I decided to wear one of my new summer dresses.

The yellow polka dot dress was perfect for the occasion. It’s very light weight and not to mention comfortable. I love the front buttons and the length of where it hits my knees. It’s so hard to find this sort of length. It’s either too short or maxi dress style. I have nothing like this in my wardrobe collection so I just had to get it! Honestly, I say that for everything.

I was a little nervous as I bought it online from Forever 21. Nothing drives me more crazy than getting a dress and not being able to wear a decent bra. Or for that matter, showing bra or bra straps. Luckily it works perfectly with strapless!

I think my kitten thought differently. As I was laying down Kona jumped up on the couch, scratching my whole thigh and made a nice big seam on the side of the dress with a touch of my blood…

Just peachy ain’t it!?

I managed to fix the seam while Shayne jumped up as I screamed out of shock and he ran to get me one of the largest bandages I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately those were all the ones we had so as of today it looks like I got into a pretty bad battle.

Not thrilled for when I have to take this bad boy off. Maybe I’ll wait until it softens from the shower and eventually it’ll fall off. LOL

Such a wimp I am.

All the details on my shoes are on my previous post, Checkered Farm Dress. I have as well attached my dress below, so if you’d like to purchase it just click on the picture!

Shop Below:

Polka Dot Cami Dress



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