Cherry PJ Set

Since I’ve been buying a lot of summer clothes lately and adding to my collection of dresses I thought hey, why not step up my PJ game!! Instead of wearing my bf’s t-shirts to bed why not actually wear a PJ set and look practical and cute. Well, my oh my are these PJ’s damn CUTE. I think I haven’t worn an actual set to bed since I was quite young (besides my festive Christmas jammies I wear every year).

One thing I have troubles with is being over heated when I sleep, especially this time of the year. But I noticed wearing these pajamas I don’t get hot or feel myself “trapped” in the pants. The material is super thin and a lightweight rayon which is thinner thread than cotton. So right away you know its delicate and drapes really well. Hey look at that, my fabrication course came in handy (never thought I’d see that day).

My favourite part about these pajamas are of course the cherries all over, but how can you not think that’s adorable! but it’s the little ruffles on the bottom of the top, I think it’s super flattering and just adds a little special touch.

I’ve already started looking at other PJ sets over at Forever 21. They honestly have the cutest sets for super reasonable pricing. I don’t know about you but I won’t be spending a whole lot of moola on PJ’s, I rather spend it on food.

A girls gotta eat.

Anyways, that’s all for now! They don’t have my exact pair of PJ’son Forever 21 anymore but I attached a few cute options below!

Shop Below:

Strawberry Print Shirt & Shorts Pajama Set

Cherry Satin Pajama Romper

Watermelon Graphic Pajama PantsLemon Print Cami Top & Shorts Pajama Set








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