My lash Extension Experience

Happy Friday, loves! In this blog post I’ve explained my first ever experience with the eyelash extensions and also comparing it with my second! My lashes here are about 2 weeks old and still going strong! They say to have them filled every 3-4 weeks. I love how natural they look yet still full and dramatic!

If you love my lashes and want to try, email me and I can answer any questions you might have 🙂

Just like 99% of the women population I caved in to getting my lashes done. Before my, now-new obsession and currently saying goodbye to my bank account because OMG it ain’t cheap to live this high life of luxury lashes. I had a bad experience once and I never wanted to get them done again. The story went a little somethin’ like this.

A couple of years ago, probably the winter of 2016 I wanted some nice long lashes to ring in the new year, since I typically wear (or did) false lashes on an everyday basis I thought I’d try this new fade everyone was just raving about. There was some deal going on my brother’s, girlfriend told me about. It was regularly $100 for a full set but on for half off. So I thought well, if I’m going to try it now might as well do it when it’s cheaper!

My oh my, was I glad I only spent $50. The girl was new which I have nothing against, I mean, you got to start somewhere. The atmosphere was good, she had it in her basement suite, which normally everybody does it out of their home. She had her little corner set up very trendy and chic. However, her applying the lashes was a different story.

In the mix of applying the lashes she was so close to my face It was like a hot warm air beaming down for the next 2 hours, first I thought it was a heater then I figured out it was her LOL!!

I remember her evaluating my lashes to see what kind she could do, she was saying my eye lashes are very short and weak. That she has never seen lashes like this before and if she put on a lot then they’d just fall off. All I want to say is, HOW RUDE (Stephanie Tanners voice) can someone be to make me so self conscious about my lashes.

And may I also add, she was very wrong because my previous lash appointment with a totally different woman was AMAZING!! She was so sweet and made me feel so comfortable. She didn’t cut down my natural lashes and my lashes turned out superb! They look identical to my false lashes I use to wear daily!

The best part, my makeup time is cut in half because of it! Even when I’m not wearing any makeup I still look semi-decent! I can see why everyone is totally obsessed with it. Especially now It’s summer time, being in the water and the hot sun! It’s great when you don’t have to throw on makeup and still feel like you got your shit together LOL!

PS. You may or may have not noticed my continual difference in hair length. I wear clip in hair extensions! I like to switch it up when I feel like it. Some days I like short and others long. Call me crazy but I feel like some outfits look better with my long hair and others short lol! So if y’all are wondering, that’s why!!

Just wanted to clear that up!



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