Boat Bag Necessities

Summer is officially here and this week it’s been scorching hot, but I’m not complaining because that means it’s boating season! Only the best season in my opinion.

Since a lot of people will be on the boat for long hours of the day (not complaining) I thought I’d share with you guys about what I normally bring in my bag for surviving the hot sun!

First thing, a big beach bag! Of course you’re going to need a cute yet practical bag to put all of your stuff in. This floppy straw hat is from Nordstrom, I can’t believe how cute and reasonable it is!!

Next, a strong SPF! my favourite is obviously the Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte SPF. Not only does it work really well, it also leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky, without the greasy feeling!

Oversized beach towel is a must! Nothings better than wrapping yourself in a big towel after jumping into the lake!

Hats, hats, hats! I may not be a mother but I know hats are SO important when you’re in the sun for so many hours! Fedora’s, baseball, straw, whatever you got, put it on. If you’re looking for some hats, Nordstrom as a great selection!

Having naturally straight hair isn’t the greatest when it comes to wanting those beach waves. Ouai beach spray  lets me have that after I go for a dip in the lake. Spray on damp hair and it just gives me those soft waves I’ve wanted so effortlessly!

My lips are so sensitive when it comes to the sun! That’s why having a lip balm with SPF makes life so much easier and worry-free!

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a pair of sunnies! I just love these Gucci pair Shayne got me a few christmases ago! Sturdy and really keeps the sun out of your eyes!

I hope these boat necessities help for the next time you’re on the water!!

Thanks for stopping by!


BP. Floppy Straw Look Hat • BP • $25
Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 Shea Butter & Vitamin E • Jack Black • $7.50
Ouai Haircare – Wave Spray, 150ml – Colorless • Ouai • $26 Wish You Were Here Beach Towel • • $38
DRUNK ELEPHANT Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte Physical Daily Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30 • Drunk Elephant • $36
Cost Plus World Market Anchor Straw Tote Bag • Cost Plus World Market • $39.99
Gucci Glittered Rubber Temple Black Square Sunglasses • Gucci • $420



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