Cabin Style

This Saturday Shayne and I are heading to the cabin for a week with his whole family. It’s going to be so nice to get away and be in a calming environment with no phone and no laptop. Just me and my thoughts (and of course Shayne and his family too). I will definitely be logging off for some time during the week and I’m SO excited to do so! So if you don’t see any photos or Instagram stories, don’t you worry I’ll be back (as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say).

I thought since I was packing for our trip, I’d show you gorgeous people what my cabin style normally entails.

I like to keep it very simple but obviously adorable! I’m practically living in my swim suits, like this one here I’m obsessed and SUPER cheap too. Having those easy basics you can mix and match, makes it a lot easier.

You can never go wrong with a rompers I got mine a few years ago from a place I can’t name if my life depended on it (that’s always the case isn’t it?) However, I will show you some adorable ones for a good price, here and here. Anything that slips on easily is my kind of clothing.

Over sized knit sweaters are ideal for those warm campfire nights by the lake. I love a sweater and a pair of cut off’s! I got my sweater from Joe Fresh a few years back. I was at Superstore with my mom and we took a look at the clothing and saw this sweater which I fell in love with. I have linked a similar one here.

I always try to keep my clothing as comfortable as possible without looking like a hot mess but let’s be real, it is me we’re talking about here. I can transform from glam to a hobo in a hot second!

I love how simple white tee’s and tanks are, you can match them up with about a million things! Like my favourite levi shorts, or a pair of your favourite jeans.

These shoes I get a lot of questions where I got them and what exactly are they lol! Native Jeffersons are, I’d say, step up from crocs. They are water proof, sweat proof, dirt proof, really anything proof. Everything wipes off so easily it’s great for everyone, especially kids. I got mine mostly for the boat but I find myself wearing them around the farm, doing outside work and yes, even running to the store. I must say, they are very comfortable!

Definitely on my list for bringing it to our summer vacation! I normally wouldn’t bring a white shoe but being able to wash off right away, you’ll never have to worry about stains!

And of course keeping it real comfy and simple, my oversized hoodie that I can not get enough of will be stuffed in my bag as well!

Shop My Looks:


   Privacy Please Cora Romper in Blue

Hope everyone has a great week and see ya’ll in a couple of days!!



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