The Perfect Not Saying “I Do” Attire

Wedding season has been upon us for a month or two now and since we’re at that age were everyone in the bloody ‘ol town decides to do it at the same time, we have A LOT of wedding partying to do, but I’m not complaining because I do love a good ‘ol happily ever after and seeing those grannies getting drunk!

I want to give the lovely couple a huge congrats! The wedding was beautiful and I wish nothing but the best for them!

It can add up if you’re buying a new dress every time you’re invited to a wedding, especially if they’re so close together.

I know everyone worries about wearing the same dress twice but to be honest, I could care less. If I look good in the dress, It’s comfy and can hide my “ate too much cake” belly then I’m good.

Not much expectations here lol!!

There are ways to style your dress a bit different every time you wear it, the shoes, hair, earrings, necklaces, belts, the list goes on and on.

I like to stick with sold colour dresses since it’s easier to change-up and people tend to forget the exact dress you wore a few months ago if it doesn’t have a distinctive pattern.

Because we all know that Mary Beth wore that exact flamingo dress a few months ago because really, how could you forget that!

See my point?

The dress I got from Fashion Nova is probably my all time favourite. If you haven’t shopped at Fashion Nova, you’re missing out. I have never had an issue with their sizing. I thought for sure I’d have to get this dress altered but It actually fit like a glove. The material is super soft and doesn’t hug the body around the waist as much as I thought it would, which is super nice!

Navy is always a good choice because A, it was between navy and champagne. Since champagne colour is too similar to white I stuck with Navy. And B, Navy is all around season colour. You can’t go wrong with it, goes with everything (except black), looks good on everyone. It’s a win, win.

The length of the dress and the slit is what sold me. You don’t see too many people wearing long floor dresses if you aren’t in the wedding party. You want to look good, but never stepping onto the Bride’s spot light, of course.

For the shoes I paired it with strappy sandals, Not only do they make my dress look a little fancier but they are actually my favourite shoes of all time because they are so COMFY! Since I am already tall (5’7″) I don’t like to add more height, so these heels work wonders!

The bag I usually use is my Louis Vuitton clutch! It’s easy to put all my things in like my lip stick, hair elastic (in case I get too intense on the dance floor) floss, small hair brush and of course money for the bar! But It’s also small enough to have on hand and not get in the way of things.

Accessories are simple for me, nothing too bold since I’ve always been more of a dainty jewelry person rather than a bright and bold kinda gal. I got this necklace from Aldo, It was such an amazing find. We were at the mall, getting Shayne a new outfit and I thought I’d run into Aldo for a quick second and I ended up getting this gorgeous layered necklace for I believe $5!! Originally $20. So ya, I was pretty proud of my last-minute find! I’ll attached a few similar ones here and here.

Earrings are always studs. I think one day I’ll branch out to something other than studs but for right now pearl and diamond studs will do. As of bracelets, more daintiness coming your way!

That concludes my wedding attire for the season! Hope everyone enjoy’s somebody elses happily ever after and one day you’ll get yours!


Shop Below:

High Street Dress - Navy  



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