The Perfect Sunday Lunch


Today I hosted girl’s lunch for my lovely mom and grandma. Since my grandma has never seen my new place I thought sometime in the summer would be ideal!

And it so happened to be today!

She was born and raised on a farm so she will thrilled to hear I was moving on one. Although she had every animal under the sun on hers, she was still excited to see some of the horses on the property! She and I are a lot a like in many, many ways. I’ve always felt this deep connection with her. She lived with us my whole life and basically raised my brother and I along with my mom and dad.

So today I thought I’d share with you guys what was on the menu for this very girly lunch. I was thinking something light, summery, doesn’t take a lot of work and effort to make and most importantly, delicious! OH, and gluten-free, but you guys should know that by now lol.

First on the menu is cucumber sandwiches, I thought these would be the perfect main dish for a very hot day! I was so nervous making them! In pictures they look so hard to create but overall the filling of these sandwiches was simple and a big hit! I’ve linked the recipe here. I usually get all my recipes from Pinterest or from my family. Tip: Make them just before you serve them, that way they don’t get soggy from the cucumber.

Second on the menu is watermelon salad! I wanted a side dish that would compliment the cucumber sandwiches well and didn’t have any lettuce since my grandma isn’t able to eat it. Don’t worry granny, I got you! There really is no recipe for watermelon salad, my dad has made it all throughout my life so I just went by his rules. However I did find one that is basically the exact same recipe as the one I made. Freakin’ delish!

Next I did a cheese board, with GF crackers and regular crackers. I have found a few good gluten free crackers over the years that are quite tasty. I’ll link them here and here. I did a spread on my wood cutting board which I got from Homesense a few months back. I’ve linked a similar one you can get at Amazon, I love this look!

Then I’ll get some chips (kettle are my families favourite). A fresh cherry pie from our local farmers market (made fresh daily) and you can’t have a girls lunch without some sweet tea. Look at me being all country lol.

And there you have it, that is our lunch menu for today! I hope it made all your mouths water, because it sure did for me! And as always, thanks for stopping by!





One thought on “The Perfect Sunday Lunch

  1. Gorgeous! Here in the UK what we class as a Sunday lunch is completely different to this, however this still looks cute! 😘💗

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