What Vitamins I’m Taking & Why

‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello!! As we all know from all the pumpkin spice posts and all the women out there in their fall attire, Autumn is here! I know I sound like a typical girl when saying this but holy shit I’m happy! Not because of pumpkin spice lattes, makes my stomach turn just thinking about it… but for the cooler weather, being a couch potato on a Saturday and not given a rats ass.

One thing I really love about fall is getting back into routine. I’ll admit, in the summer I fall off the bandwagon with fitness and my diet because I rather be on the boat then cooking in a hot kitchen. So when that cool weather hits, it’s go time! Gyming 5 times a week and eating wholesome foods, I should feel and look great right?


Vitamins are essential for growth and nutrition in your diet, especially if you lack a lot of nutrients (like me). Ever since I was diagnosed with Celiac I’ve been learning more and more about my body every day. I was always a tired child and I use to ask my parents if I could go to bed..usually it’s the other way around. Even a teenager I would sometimes sleep 12 hours…again, It was normal since at that age we are growing and our bodies are changing but come on, 12 hours!?

I’ve learned to keep me in a healthy state it’s a must for me to take my vitamins each and every morning otherwise when I don’t, I notice a BIG different. Like needing to take a nap a few times a day or going to bed at 830-9 o’clock at night.

Looking back I thought that’s just how I was, just a girl, who loves her bed. The perfect relationship but in reality it’s not. When I hear my girlfriends saying they can stay up past 1 am and being able to function totally fine the next day came to a huge shocker to me. I thought everyone did what I did.

Again, I was wrong about that. I decided to go to the doctors and get a blood test to see where my levels were at. If you’ve been following me for a few months you might now know with being celiac we lack A LOT of nutrition, hence why I’m always tired. The results basically said I have very low iron deficiency, like not even close to the scale, low. So taking iron pills is a must to keep me awake/functioning. Before iron pills, I don’t know how I survived, especially because I’m not a big coffee drinker either. It’s truly a miracle!

It will take 3-4 months to see if these specific iron pills work for me and if it gives me the energy I need. I will be keeping you guys updated on that as well. I still feel weak and fatigue most of the time but hopefully that will all come to an end soon!

Other vitamins I take are the following:

Women’s multivitamin- I take 2 of the One A Day vitamin that has your day to day basic needs.

Vitamin C- Helps boost my immune system since it feels like I don’t have one! As a kid and still ’till this day, I’m always sick. Whatever is going around, I’ll get it. Some people only take this during the winter months. However, I take it all year round. I take 2 a day.

Iron- I am starting off by taking 1 pill a day and working my way up slowly. Tip: Take iron with vitamin c as it absorbs a lot better than just taking it by itself.

Turmeric- Recently I read a lot about this miracle pill. It has a lot of benefits and my doctor thought it was a good idea to add that to the collection. I take 1 a day. Tip: Make sure you buy the kind that has black pepper, just like iron with vitamin C, it absorbs a lot better.

Omega 3- The nastiest of them all. I take this since I don’t eat enough of those food groups like fish and nuts. They also have major health benefits. I take 1 a day.

So a total of 7 pills a day. Some may think it’s not that much, others probably think that’s a lot and me, I think it is what it is. I may be adding in B12 to the mix just for more energy but I’ll have to consult my doctor with that.

If you have never had a blood test done to see what your levels are or haven’t in a while, I recommend you doing so. It is so important to see what you are lacking and what you can change or add to your diet. What I also want to mention is just like anything in life, taking too much of something is just as bad as not taking enough or none at all. It is vitamins but it can still cause problems if you take too much of something, so please always be careful.



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