Boyd Meets World; Christmas Came Early!

Someone pinch me. Those exact words went through my head when Shayne’s sister facetimed telling me that black little curly tail/butt was mine. MINE!

Cue ugly crying face.

I don’t think anyone and I mean anyone knows how I’m feeling. Full on emotions running through my heading knowing I get to finally have my hands on my very own pig. I have dreamt of this day far before it was a “trend” or anyone thinking it would be a household pet.

I remember when I was about 11 or 12 years old I decided to not eat pork anymore. Not meat in general, just pork. I remember being so obsessed with them and every time I saw one I would automatically cry. When I went to the pumpkin patch and saw a pig race, cried. Did a photo shoot for my college class and someone brought a pig in, bawled my eyes there too!! As kids we all go through phases, punk rock phase, wanting to an actress phase we all had phases were you admit it or not. So that day I told my parents that I’m not eating pork anymore and naturally they thought it was a phase, well 12 years later and I’m still going strong lol! And it’s not like we had it every day or even once a week type thing but the breakfast with bacon…NOPE! I can’t even stand the smell let alone knowing what’s actually being cooked in that pan. Or ham for Christmas dinner, I just could never do it. Something that day just triggered me to fall absolutely in love with pigs and I remember telling my friends and family that one day I’m getting myself a pet pig.

Well I never thought in a million years today would be that day!!!

Originally this little piggy was going to be a surprise for me at Christmas from Shayne’s sister, Aleisha and Shayne. However, Shayne was acting very odd the last couple weeks before getting Boyd and eventually I started to clue in what was going on. Poor guys tried so hard to keep it from me! So on Tuesday night that’s when it all unfolded. I instantly bawled my eyes (but you guys already knew that was going to happen…lol) and couldn’t wrap my head around that sweet little boy was mine.

Right away I went into panic mode. I was SO excited to finally have my dream turn into reality but on the other hand, I had no clue how to take care of this pig! Sure I am obsessed with pigs but I never researched prior to this gift on how to take care of one.

So of course I started to research right away, googled everything and anything about mini pigs. The following day I still didn’t feel any better about being prepared so Shayne and I headed to Pet Smart to grab a few things. Shayne’s aunt went all out on the gifts! She’s so sweet, a little bed, blanket, toys and little jackets! my heart melted!

So the day is here. All day I was so anxious to meet little Boyd. Since he had such a strong connection with Aleisha, I wondered if he’d like me. Shayne, Shayne’s mom and I went to Air Canada Cargo. When we went in to see him for the first time the employees in the back were all standing around his cage smiling and laughing. I knew right away that was him in that little cage.

It was love at first sight. Brought him home to his little pen, which is now a part of our living room lol! He got all comfy, came up to me and nestled right into my lap like he knew he was finally in his forever home.

For a few days we were trying to come up with his name. I had a few in mind but they all didn’t seem to fit his personality (just by judging through facetime and videos) For some reason 4 letter pet names is a trend in our house, Nova, Kona and now Boyd. I heard the name Boyd from my mom a long time ago and never really thought much of it until this little man came into our lives. When I think of the name Boyd I think of calm, relaxed and goes with the flow and that is exactly how this little piggy is! So Boyd it is!

I can not fathom how Aleisha and Shayne organized this entire plan. Even though it wasn’t the exact way they wanted to tell me (sorry guys for ruining the surprise) It was the perfect moment and something I’ve dreamt of forever. I’m so greatly blessed for that entire family pulling through to get this little piggy in my arms once and for all. I feel like I’ll never be able to repay them, I’m on cloud nine.

Boyd welcome to the family!



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