Life Update

Well…It’s been a minute since I’ve posted last. A whole year if ya catch my drift…;) Christmas has past, new years and my birthday! I thought I’d catch everyone up on what has happened these last few weeks since I’ve been a little MIA on all social media platforms.

The holidays felt like a blur, went by too quickly but isn’t that always the case? For Christmas eve we spent it with Shayne’s family and had a blast!! We went to his Aunt’s house and on Christmas morning we went to Shayne’s other Aunts house and had brunch and opened presents. Once we were done there we packed up Boyd and heading to my parents house for Christmas dinner and boxing day. Boyd’s first trip to his other grandma and papa’s place lol (look at me, being an obsessive pig mama) I’d say it was overall a successful stay. Boyd loves car rides so that part was easy however, he did pee on my mom’s brand new area rug and was about to dump a load on my dad’s pillow!!!

They still love him though.

New years, was one of the best new years I’ve ever had! Shayne and I decided to have just us two this year. Keeping it low-key and quiet! We had spent a night in the city and stayed at the beautiful JW Marriott Hotel in Yaletown. I highly recommend anyone who’s in Vancouver to stay there. Just an overall beautiful place and view! We had our whole suite looking out to the water and city lights! Also if you’re a gambler they have a casino too.

Every year after new years has passed I feel like I can finally relax from all the chaos but then I remember my birthday is 3 days after…I never think about my birthday since it’s around the busiest time of the year but I got some pretty incredible friends and family that make it really special! So thank you to everyone who has wished my a very happy birthday, I felt so loved!

This year for my 24th I wanted to do something relaxing as I…well, because I wanted too. it’s my birthday and I do what I want…ya feel me!? my mom and I headed downtown for a spa day. Facials on my birthday? yes please! Have you heard of The Skin Girls? Of course you have, it’s only one of the trendiest medi spa’s here in Vancouver!

This place is amazing, one of my new years resolution is to get my skin to a place where I feel confident in having zero make-up on. I plan on going every 1-2 months! Everyone their is super sweet and makes you feel so comfortable, not to mention they are all beautiful! I had the diamond head microdermabrasion, with a chemical peel and damnnnnnnn my skin is looking fine.

I have had these white bumps around my chin for a while now that I could not get rid of. Pop them, squeeze them, you name it I tried everything but nothing worked, she told me people who have autoimmune disease can sometimes get these white bumps on the face. Sort of a sign of lacking nutrition in your body (yippie…). Thankfully with the right cleansing tools they will be gone in the next few sessions.

Fingers crossed.

I wanted to really take a break from social media over the holidays and however long after. After my last blog post I decided I wanted to do something for myself and kind of take a step back. I didn’t know for how long but all I knew was I wanted to soak up a lot of moments over the holidays. It felt really, really good to not have to think about posting pictures, thinking about content and everything else that goes along with being a blogger. I did think I’d be back into the swing of things earlier on but I have honestly have been busy and just wasn’t feeling it ya know? Maybe that is something I do need to work on, balancing all aspects of my life a little bit better.

Anywho, stay tune for more blog post coming very soon!

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