Hello T-Shirt Weather!

Happy first day of Spring! I feel like everyone should give themselves a pat on the back for surviving Winter! You did it!! We’re that much closer to sitting on the patio until 9pm, boating everyday and grilling every food you can possibly imagine just so you can be outside a little bit longer.

One thing I love about spring is t-shirt weather, or t-shirt and a cardigan if you’re naturally a cold person like me. One thing I’ve been obsessing over lately is a crisp white tee with cut off pair of jeans, mules and some gold dainty jewelry. I’m also on a mission to find more mules, preferably muted tones!

Another thing I’m loving are the spring dresses this year. I can’t seem to stop myself from buying all these floral, wrap dresses. If it only takes one step to putting on a piece of clothing, count me in! Easy, comfortable and you always look put together.

I love spring sunny days, especially on the farm. Early this morning I took Boyd out to run around in the orchard and all I heard was nothing but birds chirping and the rooster Cockadoodledooing none stop! LOL I’m still trying to get use to it.

What is your go-to outfit for spring? It is your favourite slogan tee and a pair of trousers? Or is it a pair of printed high waisted pants matched with an oversized blazer? Let me know and comment below!

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